Interview: Tom Robinson

‘It gave me a complete hard on for music again’ - veteran punk, Tom Robinson on his new LP, broadcasting and health of the music biz…

Interview: The Heritage Orchestra

Chris Wheeler from the Heritage Orchestra lets us in on uniting the club and concert hall…

Interview: Ibibio Sound Machine

'We need happy music to lift our spirits and give us positive vibes': Ibibio Sound Machine's Eno Williams on mood music.

Interview: Paul Hartnoll

‘Dance music has driven huge cultural change’ - the former Orbital man tells us of battling with time, going solo and the health of electronics…

Interview: Floating Points

'Groove is not something that’s academic – you can’t just learn it': Floating Points on his ongoing musical evolution...


  • murloweb

    Featured artist: Murlo

    Young producer Murlo mixes up soca, grime and UK funky with a deftness of touch unlike no other. Look out for his forthcoming Odyssey EP…

30 seconds

  • Lord of the Isles

    30 seconds interview: Lord of the Isles

    Scottish producer Lord of the Isles uses the wilds of his Highlands home to inform his cinematic, sci-fi infused take on acid house. These Balearic burners, released via Permanent Vacation and Phonica, come dressed in a kilt…


  • Daniel-Miller-small

    Interview: Daniel Miller

    Record label boss and producer Daniel Miller is one of the great unsung heroes of British music. Here, the Mute Records founder reveals what's in store for 2016 and shares his thoughts on the current state of UK indie.


  • Greg Marshall PRS for Music

    Playlist: Greg Marshall, PRS

    Welcome to this week’s playlist curated by PRS for Music’s dance music manager Greg Marshall. As part of our #ravenation week, Greg has compiled some of his favourite dancefloor tracks. Rave on…