Kate Tempest: one month on from SXSW

We learn Kate Tempest's secrets to success at South by South West...

Interview: Andrew Davie, Bear’s Den

'Audiences massively shape our sound – they’re like an extra band member...' Bear's Den's Andrew Davie on playing live

Interview: Glass Animals

‘Turn the logical side of your brain off’ - Glass Animals tell us how they’ve redefined the art of indie pop in 2015…

Interview: Shirley Collins

'People always rise up and music keeps bubbling through': Shirley Collins on her lifelong love affair with folk music.

Interview: Marika Hackman

'My debut album is a melting pot of my semi-anxious state...'


  • Chelou

    Featured artist: Chelou

    Chelou is a lone wolf who’s so far managed to keep his true identity under wraps. With a lush musical dexterity and interesting palette spanning acoustics and electronics, he's an refreshing proposition who's committed to taking things at his own speed.

30 seconds

  • Avec Sans Resonate

    30 seconds interview: Avec Sans

    London-based Avec Sans are a lean synth-pop machine that have been consistently pumping out space-age aural confections since 2013. We catch up with them to learn what makes them tick and discover their musical heroes...


  • TOY band

    In session: TOY

    Psych-rock quintet TOY are quintessentially a classy pop outfit filtered through a hippy-trippy sonic time warp. With two albums under their belts (and a third in gestation), they've become a formidable live turn. Watch them in action...


  • Invader Girl

    Playlist: Invader Girl

    Invader Girl is a self-confessed unicorn fanatic who creates sugar rush pop with a spiky electronic edge. Here, she reveals the songs that have shaped her sound. Expect some classics from Patti Smith, Hole, Madonna and more...