Interview: Pete Astor

'I’ve got no romantic illusions that music is just about art': Pete Astor on the cult of UK indie and his role in it...

Interview: Martyn Ware

‘We've lost the patina of age in digital music': Martyn Ware discusses the links between technology and creativity.

Interview: Dennis Bovell

‘Don’t let the machines stiffen it up’ - production genius, Slits cohort and dub eccentric Dennis Bovell tells us why you’ve got to keep your music loose…

Boy George profile: karma and calmer

From luxury to heartache and back again: meet the iconic pop star who's put his demons away and embraced music…

Interview: Colder

Electronic whizz Colder chats about his 10 years in the musical wilderness and the making of his comeback record…


  • Malpasweb2

    Featured Artist: Malpas

    Songwriter Ali Forbes and My Bloody Valentine producer Andy Savours are Malpas, a duo chopping and screwing electronica with eccentric folk stylings. Check out their new debut LP River Rain Sea…

30 seconds

  • The Magic Gang

    30 seconds interview: The Magic Gang

    Indie quartet The Magic Gang have so far led a short but charmed life. Forming in Brighton around 18 months ago, they’ve since travelled the length and breadth of Britain with their sun dappled guitar pop.


  • Shopping band

    In session: Shopping

    Spiky post-punk trio Shopping level their retro leanings with a sparse post-millennial bedroom pop sound that makes them as relevant in the age of austerity as they would’ve been in Thatcher’s Britain. Don't miss this live session...


  • Eden

    Playlist: Sven Hansen-Løve

    Sven Hansen-Løve is the writer behind Eden, the acclaimed new film following 20 years in the life of a Parisian DJ / producer. To mark the film’s UK release, Sven is behind our latest playlist of dance music classics…