Interview: Brother & Bones

'When you’re funding a record yourself, you’ve got to make everything count': Brother & Bones on the art of DIY.

Interview: David Holmes

Producer, DJ and composer David Holmes chats about his award-winning score to '71 and his new musical projects...

Interview: Norman Jay

‘You’ll never stop the party’ - Good Times DJ Norman Jay tells us why he’s heading east…

Interview: Janine Rainforth

The Maximum Joy founder chats about her new material, playing live again and the enduring appeal of eighties post-punk

Interview: Miles Hunt

‘We still haven’t finished the job’ - the Wonder Stuff’s Miles Hunt tells us why he’s still hungry for success 30 years in...


  • Dreamtrak

    Featured artist: Dreamtrak

    Dreamtrak is production whizz Oliver Horton, whose credits include Foals and Swim Deep. Now he's stepping out from the studio with his own brand of cosmic disco that’s indebted to the grooves of Giorgio Moroder and the unitary danceability of Daft Punk.

30 seconds

  • Happy Meals

    30 seconds interview: Happy Meals

    Happy Meals are duo Suzanne Rodden and Lewis Cook, who create blissed out, decaying disco. Their archaic mix of retro synths and dusty drum machines mine the sonic textures of eighties' TV theme tunes and tinny teenage mixtapes - with compelling results.


  • The Gentle Good

    Interview: The Gentle Good

    Gareth Bonello (aka The Gentle Good) is a singer-songwriter who has mastered the art of folk fusion. Preferring to sing in his native Welsh tongue, he explores the boundaries of Western rhythm and rhyme through eye-opening excursions around the globe...


  • Rampage

    Playlist: Rampage

    Welcome to this week’s playlist. To celebrate Notting Hill Carnival we asked the legendary Rampage Soundsystem to come up with a selection of bangers for the street party. Dig into big ‘uns from Skepta, Drake, and Skrillex…