• Nik Void, Factory Floor

    Interview: Nik Colk Void

    Meet Nik Colk Void – a twitchy musician whose output consistently challenges the status quo.

  • Planningtorock

    Interview: Planningtorock

    Meet Bolton-born, Berlin based Planningtorock – one of the most provocatively creative producers of her generation.

  • Little Boots

    Interview: Little Boots

    We chat to the authentic electronic pop proposition about her musical past, present and future…

  • Cosey Fanni Tutti by Ian Cinnamon

    Interview: Cosey Fanni Tutti

    Restless innovator Cosey Fanni Tutti on chords: ‘No thanks. I don’t want to be pre-programmed into expressing myself’…

  • Simon Fisher Turner

    Interview: Simon Fisher Turner

    We caught up with the Ivor Novello Award winning composer to learn how David Bowie first opened his artistic eyes and why the big world of blockbuster movies can seem terrifying to a leftfield artist…

  • Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck

    Interview: Jimmy Page & Jeff Beck

    We chat to rock ‘n’ roll legends Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck about their lives, loves and musical obsessions.

  • vivalbertineweb

    Interview: Viv Albertine

    Slits guitarist and singer songwriter Viv Albertine opens up about her new book, music and legacy as a post punk pioneer…

  • MikeweatherleyTGE

    ‘Our man in Westminister’ at the Great Escape

    Watch Mike Weatherley, MP and David Cameron’s IP advisor, discuss the key challenges facing the music industry’s fight against piracy…

  • Thepictishtrailweb

    Interview: The Pictish Trail

    The Pictish Trail lives and works in the margins. Based on the Isle of Eigg, he’s gained a loyal following from his isolated base both for his songs and releases with the Fence and Lost Maps labels. We get to know his ‘secret soundz’…

  • JamesblakeIvors

    Interview: James Blake

    We quiz electronic artist James Blake on his recent success from the red carpet of the Ivors…


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