• Georgiamancioweb

    Interview: Georgia Mancio

    London’s Revoice! Festival is back for its 5th year bigger than ever before. Founder and jazz vocalist Georgia Mancio tells us how the event has grown…
  • Adrian Corker

    Interview: Adrian Corker

    Composer Adrian Corker spends most of his time deconstructing the musical components of sound and piecing them back together in inventive new ways. Here he discusses the problem with contemporary film scores and the thrills of taking risks...
  • johamiltonweb2

    Interview: Jo Hamilton

    Scottish raised ‘observer’ Jo Hamilton has been covered by Prince, performed at TEDGlobal and is now using brass to inform her future musical direction…
  • Gavinhigginsweb

    Interview: Gavin Higgins

    Gavin Higgins is one of the UK’s brightest young composers to emerge from the UK’s brass banding tradition. We quiz him about his new mining community inspired ballet…
  • Seamusmckennaweb

    Interview: Seamus McKenna

    Singer songwriter Seamus McKenna spills the beans on how he became part of PRS for Music's Songs for Manchester campaign…
  • JAWS band

    Interview: JAWS

    We caught up with plucky Birmingham four piece JAWS after their PRS for Music Foundation Momentum Showcase gig to chat about songwriting, skeletons and their hairiest gig…
  • Richiehawtinweb

    Interview: Richie Hawtin

    Dance music pioneer Richie Hawtin talks EDM, new technology and why being independent has made him who he is…
  • Dark Sky

    Interview: Dark Sky

    Whatever the weather, spacious electronic trio Dark Sky can create their own brooding atmosphere that lingers long after the music stops. With just a couple of choice bits of sound equipment to play with, we find out how they do it...
  • BSPweb

    Interview: British Sea Power

    ‘I had a funny dream about a giant trumpet’: British Sea Power talk all things Sea of Brass…
  • The Pictish Trail

    Interview: The Pictish Trail

    We chat to songwriter and label boss Johnny Lynch, aka The Pictish Trail, about his his attraction to all things psychedelic and his longstanding commitment to the wonky indie-folk cause.


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