• antonhunterweb

    Interview: Anton Hunter

    We meet jazz guitarist Anton Hunter to find out what inspired Article XI, a new piece specially commissioned for this year’s Manchester Jazz Festival…
  • Alexanderhawkinsweb

    Interview: Alexander Hawkins

    Pianist Alexander Hawkins is one of the fastest rising stars of British jazz. We quiz him about his music ahead of an appearance at the Manchester Jazz Festival…
  • Princess-Nyah-long

    Interview: Princess Nyah

    The self-styled urban princess spills the beans on her impressive DIY breakthrough, the rollercoaster career that followed and her latest plan of attack.
  • Jerry Dammers

    Interview: Jerry Dammers

    The Specials' Jerry Dammers chats about the winding path that the British protest music has meandered down since punk.
  • Richardnorrisweb

    Interview: Richard Norris

    Dance music veteran Richard Norris tells us how he joins the dots between psychedelia and filthy ‘basement music’…
  • Charlie Dore

    Interview: Charlie Dore

    Charlie Dore is among Britain’s most respected songwriters, whose work has been covered by everyone from George Harrison to Tina Turner. We spend some time with her to learn about her songwriting experiences.
  • Naomi Kashiwagi

    Interview: Naomi Kashiwagi

    Meet the Manchester based artist who eschews digital technologies to experiment with obsolete musical equipment...
  • Jonny Trunk

    Interview: Jonny Trunk

    Jonny Trunk is a bonafide music fanatic who has dedicated most of his working life to unearthing the most obscure, ridiculous and sublime vinyl examples of the past fifty years. But what got him started on his strange quest?
  • Donna Lynas, Wysing Arts Centre

    Interview: Donna Lynas, Wysing Arts Centre

    We chat to Donna Lynas, Space-Time festival curator and director of the Wysing Arts Centre, to learn more about the event's focus on female electronic and post punk pioneers...
  • Maria Minerva

    Interview: Maria Minerva

    'My biggest fear is that I will end up sounding twee,' confides the Estonian electronic whiz...


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