30 Seconds interview: Huw Costin

Huw CostinAt first glance, gloom and doom may be the musical concerns of Nottingham-based singer songwriter Huw Costin.

But let your ears take a second look and you realise his music offers up a canny mix of realism and heart ache writ through with a wide-eyed marvelling at the world around him.

Something/Nothing is the follow up to debut album Regrets and while the first record was full of tears, it sounds like he’s dried his eyes and developed a sunnier outlook. It’s there in the ambitious arrangements and the harmonies which help transcend the lyrical darkness at the heart of his music. As such his songs aren’t an exercise in navel gazing but have a character-filled beauty and charm.

Huw’s music is certainly a potent mix. It cuts to the bone and shows the influence of previous collaborators and fans Brian Eno and Mark Lanegan. You can also hear the likes of Robert Wyatt and Big Star if you listen hard enough.

M collared Huw for 30 seconds to discover how he first started writing songs and why Dire Straits had a formative influence on his first musical experiments…

I first started writing music because…

It was the most exciting thing I’d ever experienced – to bring ideas to life – extremely loudly. Like sorcery.

I have been making music since…

My childhood friend and I started tape-to-taping the ambient bits from Brothers In Arms and sticking them together…

My music is…

Cosmic and down to earth.

You’ll like my music if you listen to…

Your heart

My favourite venue is…

Upstairs at the Birches in Retford. A welcoming audience. Great sound. You get paid. Ort Cafe in Birmingham is good too. Lovely people.

Music is important because…

It’s hard to fight and play music at the same time.

My biggest inspiration is…

Love, people, nature (That’s three words for one thing).

My dream collaboration would be…

Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward.

To try me out, listen to…

Disconnected from Something/Nothing

If I wasn’t making music I’d be…

Stoned, paranoid and depressed.

In 10 years time I want to be…

Like Sting.




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