Featured artist

Featured Artist – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Dip a toe or two into Fruit - The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s debut album, and your mind will conjure up images of downtown Memphis in Outer Space, with a singing siren floating past in a levitating rolltop bath.

Featured Artist – Low Duo

Low Duo are two brothers from Sheffield writing darkly emotive minimalist guitar pop music. With a strict rule on composition, every song is written and recorded with only two layers - one voice and one musical instrument. Low Duo are this week's PRS for Music MySpace Featured Artist.

Featured Artist – Emma Spence

Each week PRS for Music feature an artist or band on their MySpace page. This week's featured artist is singer-songwriter Emma Spence.

Featured Artist – A Genuine Freakshow

A Genuine Freakshow are this week's PRS for Music MySpace Featured Artist. Each week a artist or band are promoted on PRS for Music's MySpace page - highlighting the talent and diversity of its membership.

Featured Artist – Toodar

PRS for Music is proud to present MySpace Featured Artist. This feature on the PRS for Music MySpace page promotes our new members to a wider audience and demonstrates the talent of our membership. Marked as one’s to watch, these members now bear the Featured Artist emblem on their own MySpace pages.

Featured Artist – Kids Love Lies

Kids Love Lies are a London-based pop punk band, comprising of singer Ellen Murphy, guitarists Leigh Harrison and Matty Saywell, Claudia Mansaray on bass and drummer Raf Singer.

Featured Artist – Anita Maj

Anita Maj is singer songwriter with a feisty, rock soul diva edge. She’s worked with Dan Swift of Snow Patrol, Junk Scientist of The Rakes, as well as supporting The Levellers. Anita releases her debut album in September.