Interview: Kellie While

'The folk world has got a lot savvier over the past decade': Acoustic singer, songwriter and head of 7digital Creative on the past, present and future of folk music...

In print: M58

The final 2015 edition of M magazine is out now – read it here!

6 Music Festival to host Hack Day

BBC Radio 6 Music is to host a Hack Day bringing together local tech talent with music industry players to explore all elements of the live music experience.

Comment: Ben Drury, 7Digital

Encouragingly, I have noticed a change in digital music this year, which is allowing music to be heard as musicians, songwriters, producers and engineers intended. The market is becoming more focused on high quality and we at 7Digital predict the beginning of the end of MP3 compression and a move to CD and better-than-CD quality downloads and streams.…