Chris Ford part one

Chris Ford began his career in an unorthodox fashion after a trip to New York. After finding success in France, Chris returned to the UK and has released two acclaimed albums - This Atlantic Low and All Caught Up have followed.Following his father's death, Chris had the innovative idea of touring Sue Ryder shops - reaching an audience who don't neccesarily go to live gigs and raising awareness of the charity. Chris is signed to Cooking Vinyl music publishing.

New Foundation Degree in Songwriting

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is delighted to announce the launch of the 2-year Foundation Degree in Songwriting for September 2011, a new full-time Degree programme. As part of the Institute’s rapidly growing Songwriting programme, the course is focused on developing each songwriters unique creative voice, combining both the craft and skill of songwriting with the entrepreneurial and business skills required to create a rewarding career in the music industry.…

Ben Cullum

M caught up with the very talented Ben Cullum. Not content with writing hits for his brother Jamie Cullum, Ben has had success in many areas of music - creating themes for major TV shows, producing hot dance tracks and even writing music for the video game industry.

Beth Nielsen Chapman Songwriting Seminar

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman will be giving a free masterclass to PRS for Music members on ‘Creative Flow Songwriting & Finding Your Voice.

Best in show

With more opportunities that ever before for playing live, M has practical advice about getting yourself in front of the right crowd.