The boys rabbit about Deptford friendships, cheese on toast and winning and Ivor.

UK is Eurovision winner after all

M caught up with Iain Farquharson, the co-writer of the song that won this year's Eurovision for Azerbaijan - Running Scared. Taking time out from a songwriting session for Leona Lewis, Iain revealed the story behind the song and told us about his journey from boy band to successful songwriter.

Claire Nicolson interview

In M's exclusive interview Claire talks about her early influences, setting up her label, singing for her supper and gets behind a few of her songs.

Make it Happen – your music industry navigator

M is proud to launch Make it Happen, an online resource helping you navigate through the complex music industry. We'll be talking to industry experts, bands and other clued up people who have 'been there and done that' and are happy to share their tips and secrets of success for your benefit.

Make It Happen 1 – using social media

The Make it Happen session at The Great Escape brought together a panel of artist managers and social media experts to offer practical advice for artists wishing to take their career to the next level.

Make It Happen 2 – your music and the net

Speaking at the Make It Happen panel at the Great Escape, Topspin Media Chief Executive Ian Rogers offered some key tips for upcoming artists on how best to leverage the internet to get themselves heard.

Diane Warren – the songwriters’ songwriter

She goes to work, she writes global hits; dozens of them from her office. She’s been dubbed the world’s most successful songwriter, and in 2008 she  got an Ivor.  Paul Sexton met 9 to 5Ivor Diane Warren in London, in May 2008. Depending on the dimensions of the ego, it’s either a luxury or an insult when the creator of songs that have sold in the scores of millions, can walk down the street unnoticed.…

Mano de Dios interview

Watch our exclusive interview with Mano de Dios which includes a fantastic performance of Crème Caramel at BMB Advertising Agency with Platinum Rye Entertainment.