Interview: Zoe Graham

‘Even if there's a thundering beat under the track somehow, somewhere folk will still be in there': singer-songwriter Zoe Graham chats musical evolution.

Interview: Seth Lakeman

‘It’s about identity and being honest to who you are and where you come from and what you represent’: Seth Lakeman continues to forge a unique path in folk music with his latest offering which commemorates the Mayflower's voyage.

Interview: Bones UK

‘Music is a vehicle for us to empower people, to make people feel better about themselves, and to get our message across’: says Rosie Bones of rock duo Bones UK.

Interview: Isobel Campbell

‘[Songwriting’s] unpredictable, because sometimes an idea that I’m most excited about will be quite disappointing and then sometimes something that’s throwaway will be the best thing. It’s a mysterious mistress,’ muses Isobel Campbell.

Interview: My Bus

‘I come up with the melodies and Gary’s job is just basically to put the apocalypse on basically anything I do': Butterfly Child's Joe Cassidy and Gary McKendry, aka Papa Sprain chat collaboration.

Interview: Gengahr

'From a slightly unfortunate set of circumstances we’ve found ourselves in a position to start releasing music,' say Gengahr's Felix Bushe.

Interview: Monarchy

‘I think music (and art) is the expression of life, if all you have is music in your life then your music has no substance,’ says Monarchy’s Ra Black.

Interview: Callum Beattie

According to Callum Beattie, ‘As long as you have a bucket load of self-belief, drive and hard work, you’ll do just fine.’

Interview: Matt McGinn

‘Don't let one go. Sometimes a song can be coming through at the worst possible time, it doesn't matter, drop everything. It could be an absolute gem': Irish singer-songwriter Matt McGuinn shares his songwriting tips.

Interview: Silent Forum

‘I’d hate to write a self-righteous song about politics. Do not expect a dance-punk banger called ‘Brexit Hits a Broken Britain’ any time soon,’ says Silent Forum’s Richard Wiggins.