Jodie Aysha interview

The talented Jodie Aysha wrote a UK number 2 hit at the age of 14 - her song Heartbroken with T2 became the most requested track ever on BBC Radio 1Xtra and was a club smash in 2007 that still rocks dancefloors today.

Tony Moore part three

In this final part of M's interview with Tony Moore, the creator and host of legendary songwriter showcase nights at The Bedford and the Kashmir Club gives invaluable advice for budding artists on getting their first gigs, promotion and the DNA of a great song.

Mike Hough

19-year-old Mike Hough has made a huge impact in the UK and internationally through an In an unorthodox route: recording covers of renowned songs from the comfort of his own home. East London born Mike began broadcasting the recordings on his YouTube Channel across the globe - leading to recognition from not only millions of online viewers but also major acclaim from the artists whose songs he had covered.

On my iPod: Galia Durant

Galia Durant is in electronica duo Psapp with Carim Clasmann. They create unique music from toys. Cosy in the Rocket is the main theme on the TV series Grey's Anatomy, and their songs have been used in hit TV shows The OC, Nip/Tuck and Sugar Rush. Third album The Camel's Back is out now.

Tony Moore part two

M spent some time with Tony Moore – the creative spirit behind the eclectic selection of live music four nights a week music at The Bedford in Balham, which is a mecca for songwriters and lovers of new music alike.

Will Dutta

Will Dutta on collaborating with Gabriel Prokofiev and DJ Yoda