Interview: The Vegan Leather

‘Content has become a lot more personal to each individual artist. You’re always pushing your creativity’: says The Vegan Leather’s Gianluca Bernacchi.

Interview: Gabriella Cilmi

‘If I had the opportunity to go back, I would have loved to have focused on and understood who I wanted to be as an artist before other people got involved’: after finding fame at just 17, Gabriella Cilmi is finally finding her voice.

Interview: KT Tunstall

‘It’s also a big middle finger up to the idea that the album is dead:’ KT Tunstall is on a mission to keep the long player alive.

Interview: Serafina Steer

‘I am sort of rapping at one point. I wanted to re-record it because I sound like Mary Poppins’: we chat to harpist, singer-songwriter and sometime Bad Jan member about her latest solo offering.

Interview: Low Hummer

‘Excited skint northerners, rambling on about modern life over repetitive synth bass lines and distorted guitars,' is how Low Hummer’s Daniel Mawer pins down the Hull band’s distinctive sound.

Interview: Lee Parsons, Ditto Music

'It’s only going to get bigger, better and more lucrative for independent artists': Ditto Music chief executive Lee Parsons on the future of DIY, international trends and escaping 'the London bubble'...

Interview: Red Note Ensemble

‘There are serious issues with what one might describe as classically based work. I think it still has a major, major image and access problem’: Red Note Ensemble’s John Harris chats about the challenges classical music faces.