Hiatus and Shura exclusive performance

Watch our exclusive video of Hiatus and Shura performing Hiatus' remix of the song Rivers. The atmosphere of the music is reminiscent of Trip Hop’s most refined moments, Shura loops her voice giving the track a hypnotic and otherworldly feel, while Hiatus adds some abstract keys in this intoxicating performance.

Hiatus Part One

It was while working as a journalist in Tehran in 2005 that English-Iranian music producer Cyrus Shahrad stumbled across his father’s old record collection, discovering in Persian music the mysticism and melancholy that he knew would guide his efforts as Hiatus from that day forth. Five years later he was ready to release Ghost Notes, an album brimming with sadness and cinematic beauty, but one also steeped in the UK bass culture with which he grew up.

A Fistful of Hope

The opportunity to collaborate with Spaghetti Western legend Alessandro Alessandroni was an unexpected highlight for Alanjay Lori

Review – Riffs by Rikky Rooksby

It’s strange to think that almost a century after the term was invented, there are a lot of people out there that still aren’t sure on what a ‘riff’ actually is. Riffs by Rikky Rooksby is an in-depth study of this topic, and interestingly uses examples of famous riffs as a guide to understanding the tone of each interval within Western Music.

Random Impulse live performance

Random Impulse gives us a special raw, stripped-back live taster of new song On A Roll. The rapper fuses grime, indie and rap to great effect. Random Impulse's influences include Jack White, Alex Turner and Jay-Z.

Random Impulse interview

Random Impulse aka Jovel Walker fuses a dynamic rap-flow with self-taught electric guitar riffs and elements of grime. Jovel's career started to take off while he was studying genetic engineering and took that work ethic into learning to play the guitar - putting in hundreds of hours of practice.

Mike Marlin part two

Mike Marlin is a talented singer and songwriter who has a remarkable story. Mike was born in Wimbledon during the 1960s, went to university, discovered music and girls, dropped out of university and joined a succession of bands who didn’t quite make it. All the time, Mike wrote and demoed his own songs in the safety of his bedroom.