Interview: Seth Lakeman

‘It’s about identity and being honest to who you are and where you come from and what you represent’: Seth Lakeman continues to forge a unique path in folk music with his latest offering which commemorates the Mayflower's voyage.

Interview: Bones UK

‘Music is a vehicle for us to empower people, to make people feel better about themselves, and to get our message across’: says Rosie Bones of rock duo Bones UK.

Interview: Gengahr

'From a slightly unfortunate set of circumstances we’ve found ourselves in a position to start releasing music,' say Gengahr's Felix Bushe.

Interview: Monarchy

‘I think music (and art) is the expression of life, if all you have is music in your life then your music has no substance,’ says Monarchy’s Ra Black.

Playlist: WildKat

This week’s playlist come courtesy of WildKat, a creative agency for culture and music as they celebrate a year of expansion and the host of great artist they have worked with. Dig in…

How to get ahead in pop

‘You can be the best player in the world but if you don’t know how to market that and how to sell that then you’re not going to make a living,’ says the Royal Northern College of Music’s Andy Stott.

Interview: Robin Richards

‘There are no boundaries and there are no limits to what you can create with this art form’: composer and multi-instrumentalist Robin Richards branches out from his work with Dutch Uncles.   

Interview: Philip Herbert

‘Music is becoming a cultural preserve that is gradually only becoming accessible to those who are from wealthy backgrounds. This is a huge concern for future generations’: composer Philip Herbert talks about the future of classical music.

Interview: Strange Bones

‘The word punk has been chewed up, spat out and regurgitated by every suit in the music industry, but the anger remains': get to know Blackpool punks Strange Bones.

Interview: MF Tomlinson

‘This is what an internal feeling might sound like – to me anyway’: Get to know the idiosyncratic sound of MF Tomlinson.