M meets… X-Press 2

X-Press 2 came together through the club scene of the late 1980s, Darren and Darren House (Diesel) got together with Ashley Beedle through their love of house, balearic, soul and jazz music, Iconic debut Muzik Xpress smashed dancefloors to bits on both sides of the Atlantic in 1992.

Beaty Heart at Ron Arad’s Curtain Call

In the darkness of the main space, 6,000 silicon rods (over 50km of silicon) make up Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, hanging 8m high in a circle at the heart of the Roundhouse. Impenetrable and inviting. Pushing through the silicon, the audience  sat on the floor in the centre while a series of short films were projected all around.…

M captures Oramics opening

The Oramics machine, one of the most significant advances in the history of electronic music, has gone on display at the Science Museum for the first time. M went along yesterday to film the technicians as they installed the primitive synthesizer, and find out more about some of the musicians involved in the project...

Hiatus part two

In part two of M's conversation with Hiatus, the producer and artist talks about rediscovering music on his travels to his father's country, Iran and a musical epiphany whilst driving in Kent.

Hiatus and Shura exclusive performance

Watch our exclusive video of Hiatus and Shura performing Hiatus' remix of the song Rivers. The atmosphere of the music is reminiscent of Trip Hop’s most refined moments, Shura loops her voice giving the track a hypnotic and otherworldly feel, while Hiatus adds some abstract keys in this intoxicating performance.

Game On – part three

Joris de Man is one composer who is reaping the benefit of those large scale budgets. in November, de Man was in Abbey Road Studios recording his score for the latest in the Killzone games series, Killzone 3. earlier this year he won the inaugral Ivor for Best original Video Game Score for his Killzone 2 score and such recognition has elevated him to the top echelons of the business.