Top 10 Green Man moments

M reports on the highlights from this year’s Green Man festival, with help from PRS for Music’s field team.

Interview: Krystal Klear

New Jack swing, boogie, r’n’b and 80s disco feed into the colourful music of Dublin producer and DJ Krystal Klear.

Interview: Kevin McKay

Kevin McKay is one of electronic music’s real renaissance men. Label owner, DJ, producer, A&R – he’s done it all. As co-founder of Breastfed he helped discover Mylo and is currently busying himself with the revival of his legendary Glasgow Underground label. M caught up with him to talk about the state of dance music in 2013.

Featured artist: Fimber Bravo

As a founder member of the 20th Century Steel Band, Fimber Bravo's music pricked the ears of a generation of hip-hop artists who sampled the group’s 1975 album Heaven & Hell. Since then the steel pan specialist has collaborated with artists all over the world from Sun Ra Arkestra to Morcheeba. 2013 has seen him diversify further with a new record that combines electronic production with classic percussion and includes an impressive cast of talent from Hot Chip to Zongamin.

Interview: Mark Jones

Wall of Sound is one of the UK’s most revered independent record labels thanks to the midas touch of founder Mark Jones. We quizzed this music industry veteran on discovering Stuart Price, hedonism and how it’s almost impossible for labels now to survive in the music business.

Playlist: Katie Riding, Independent Label Market

This week we asked Katie Riding, co-founder of Independent Label Market, music PR and artist manager, to tell us the tracks she’s been rating lately. From the nimble techno of rRoxymore to the slick pop of Lulu James, or the twitchy beats of Zomby to the gentle lullabies of Annie Eve, there’s something in here for everyone. So get stuck in and tell us what you think...