Interview: The Shapeshifters

Dance music duo Simon Marlin and Max Reich aka The Shapeshifters are celebrating ten years in electronic music this year. And to mark a decade in the game, the pair are releasing a greatest hits. M quizzed them on the health of the dance music industry and how they wrote their big hit Lola’s Theme…

30 Seconds interview: Koreless

London-based producer Koreless is a youthful electronic music maker who makes bleeps which reverberate somewhere between 2-step and Eno-esque ambience. His debut Yugen EP comes out on Young Turks later this month and acts as an ideal showcase for his widescreen ambitions. If you like Four Tet or James Blake, then you need to get to know...

Interview: Ben Osborne, Noise of Art

Ben Osborne is a writer, DJ, curator and driving force behind Noise of Art, a collective which marries electronic music with the performing arts, film and other visual media. We talk to him ahead of his ambitious 100 Years of Electronic Music project to find out more.

Featured artist: TROPICS

TROPICS is a one man outfit responsible for a string of lush releases and statement remixes that have prickled the ears of tastemakers both sides of the Atlantic. His sound incorporates vintage synths, Rhodes keyboards, guitars, real drums – whatever the 25-year-old multi-instrumentalist can lay his hands on...

Interview: William Adamson

William Adamson is the latest musical persona of Rob Gallagher, an electronic auteur who has recorded as Earl Zinger, Galliano and Two Banks of Four. M interviewed him about his latest project and whether he ever has an identity crisis…

30 Seconds Interview: Brolin

Songwriter and producer Brolin is shrouded in mystery. No one knows his name or his face as he chooses to wear a mask like contemporary SBTRKT. However, his music couldn't be more open and honest. We spent 30 seconds with him in between his hectic touring schedule to find out a little more...

Stream live OMD performance tonight

Classic synth-pop duo OMD will celebrate the release of their 12th studio album English Electric with a free US performance which will be streamed live to fans in the UK.

Feature: Bristol Cream

Jim Ottewill investigates Bristol’s music scene to uncover the source of the city’s creative pulse.

30 seconds interview: Tokolosh

In South African mythology, a tokolosh is a mischievous evil spirit that can become invisible by swallowing a pebble - a fitting name for a band who mysteriously splice together electronic-pysch-folk-rock to create an other-worldly sound.