Featured artist: PicaPica

Brand new Rough Trade signing PicaPica is the brainchild of lucid singer-songwriters Samantha Whates and Josienne Clarke, whose Appalachian-tinged acoustics are spiked with radiating harmonies.

Interview: Howard Monk, The End Festival

'There are small-looking "indie" events popping up all over, which are anything but "indie" or run by small companies,' The End Festival founder Howard Monk on DIY in live music...

Interview: David Thomas Broughton

The lucid avant-folk troubadour on how he's bringing his ace LP Crippling Lack to life this week with a UK tour featuring James Yorkston, Gareth Bonello and more...

Behind the scenes: Abbey Road

Against a backdrop of growing success for UK country artists on both sides of the pond, PRS for Music hosted a London-to-Nashville songwriting camp. We went along to chat to the talent...

30 seconds interview: Sephine Llo

Sephine Llo's debut LP I, Your Moon, is a deeply moving tribute to a young life cut short and a new life beginning, reflected through the otherworldly incantations of an artist in her stride.

Featured artist: Keto

Self-described as 'a fresh and quintessentially English take on millennial folk', Keto's sound is wrapped in lush orchestration, with swathes of violin and strings arranged around her delicate vocals.