In session: Zara McFarlane

Watch genre-hopping Zara McFarlane perform the hypnotic and irresistible Freedom Chain, at a recent PRS Present event in London.

Interview: Robocobra Quartet

We caught up with sprawling jazz ensemble Robocobra Quartet - one of the most eclectic, unhinged and boisterous acts in the jazz world right now.

Playlist: Just Joined Summer 2018

Wrap your ears around the latest wave of talent to join PRS for Music, including the mighty Sports Team, Dream Nails, Boy Azooga, Bagz, Laolu, Walt Disco and The Leaf Library...

In session: Blue Lab Beats

Blue Lab Beats wear their eclectic influences well and truly on their sleeves – embracing a mosaic of styles from jazz and neo-soul to hip-hop and grime. Watch them go live...

Interview: Phaedra

'As audiences for classical music grow older and smaller, it’s vital that new generations of listeners are created' - Phaedra violinist Peter Granell on how experimental ensembles are keeping the genre alive...

Interview: Shatner’s Bassoon

Named after an impossibly funny sketch in nineties cult comedy Brass Eye, it’s fitting Shatner’s Bassoon are a barrel of oddness, inventiveness and wit. Delve in, you won't regret it...

30 seconds interview: Mali Hayes

Manchester's Mali Hayes whips up hip-hop, alt R&B and jazz into a forward-thinking new soul sound, which is like little else out there. Get to know before her Great Escape gig!