Sets perform Wind-Up Bird

Sets are Dominic Scott, Harry Pearce, Tim Worthington, Leila Grove and Jessica Watson. Based in Leeds, the five-piece band make stunningly individualistic music. Watch this fantastic performance of their song Wind-Up Bird, recorded at PRS for Music headquarters.

Interview – Sets

In our exclusive interview the band talk about getting gigs, creating music and they reveal the story behind their song Canon.

Sets perform Canon

Sets are a baroque-pop/anti-folk five piece. The five members of the band all study in Leeds, where they formed Sets in 2008. Their music is characterised by multiple vocal parts and use of a variety of instruments. Sets line-up consists of singer Dominic Scott and multi-instrumentalists Harry Pearce, Jessica Watson, Leila Grove and Tim Worthington.

Hiatus part two

In part two of M's conversation with Hiatus, the producer and artist talks about rediscovering music on his travels to his father's country, Iran and a musical epiphany whilst driving in Kent.

Hiatus and Shura exclusive performance

Watch our exclusive video of Hiatus and Shura performing Hiatus' remix of the song Rivers. The atmosphere of the music is reminiscent of Trip Hop’s most refined moments, Shura loops her voice giving the track a hypnotic and otherworldly feel, while Hiatus adds some abstract keys in this intoxicating performance.

Random Impulse live performance

Random Impulse gives us a special raw, stripped-back live taster of new song On A Roll. The rapper fuses grime, indie and rap to great effect. Random Impulse's influences include Jack White, Alex Turner and Jay-Z.

Random Impulse interview

Random Impulse aka Jovel Walker fuses a dynamic rap-flow with self-taught electric guitar riffs and elements of grime. Jovel's career started to take off while he was studying genetic engineering and took that work ethic into learning to play the guitar - putting in hundreds of hours of practice.

Ten Tips to Become a Better Singer

Like any instrument, getting the best out of your voice doesn't come overnight - it involves plenty of practice and honing your technique. Juliet Kelly, UK jazz singer and songwriter, gives ten easy to follow tips

Game On – part three

Joris de Man is one composer who is reaping the benefit of those large scale budgets. in November, de Man was in Abbey Road Studios recording his score for the latest in the Killzone games series, Killzone 3. earlier this year he won the inaugral Ivor for Best original Video Game Score for his Killzone 2 score and such recognition has elevated him to the top echelons of the business.

Mike Hough

19-year-old Mike Hough has made a huge impact in the UK and internationally through an In an unorthodox route: recording covers of renowned songs from the comfort of his own home. East London born Mike began broadcasting the recordings on his YouTube Channel across the globe - leading to recognition from not only millions of online viewers but also major acclaim from the artists whose songs he had covered.