Martin Phipps shares tips for screen composers

'Don’t get into it unless you like being part of someone else’s narrative. And don't just hang out with musicians, get to know the people who make films': the decorated screen composer imparts his wisdom.

Playlist: Simon Ballard, Mute Song

Mute Song has been at the cutting edge of music publishing since 1982. Following a massive year for the company, licensing manager Simon Ballard shares some of the highlights from his roster...

Interview: Tojin Kit

UK music heavyweights Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys), Chris James (DJ Shadow) and Massive Attack cohort Kidkanevil are behind Tojin Kit. They let us in on the secret to their cinematic sound...

Dr Who appoints new composer

Segun Akinola is to become Dr Who’s new composer, tasked with reworking the show’s iconic theme tune and creating all the next series’ incidental music.