30 Seconds

30 seconds interview: Ash Shakur

London-based Ash Shakur is a multidisciplinary visionary who dabbles in art, illustration and pioneering hip-hop to get his message across. Get the skinny...

30 seconds interview: Sub Blue

Liverpool-based alt-RnB artist Sub Blue creates introspective, chilled out ‘suburban blues’ that bring a British spin to the laidback sounds of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. Get to know...

30 seconds interview: Henge

Enter the weird and wacky world of intergalactic electro-prog rockers Henge, who 'come in the name of rave to spread their message of love and harmony.'

30 seconds interview: Imperial Daze

Polyphonic analogue synths, cowboy guitars and proto-funk – it’s all fair game for Peckham pacemakers Imperial Daze. We check in with the psych-poppers to learn what they've got in store for 2019.

30 seconds interview: RINNGS

We check in with RINNGS, an ace London duo making some of the most artful alt-pop you can get your hands on right now, to learn what's currently keeping them busy...

30 seconds interview: Eliza Shaddad

Globe-trotting artist Eliza Shaddad specialises in outsized balladry informed by her unique worldview and a canny knack for belting out devastatingly honest lyrics. Get to know.

30 seconds interview: Stray Ghost

Meet Oxfordshire-born, Brighton-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, Anthony Saggers, whose post-classical sound is steeped in melancholy and cinematic romanticism.

30 seconds interview: Hairband

Indie supergroup Hairband are firmly entrenched in Glasgow's DIY music scene and deliver free-spirited, expertly woven guitar pop on their debut EP. We delve into their colourful world here...

30 seconds interview: Hollow Hand

Hollow Hand is the DIY project of Brighton based musician Max Kinghorn-Mills, whose folky, avant garde sound is brimming with whimsy and intrigue. Get the lowdown on his vision here...