Featured artist

Featured Artist – Spotlight On Belfast

PRS for Music is launching ‘Spotlight On’ a series of free live music showcases for emerging and breakthrough acts in Northern Ireland. Kicking off this June in Belfast, ‘Spotlight On’ will tour to different Northern Irish cities showcasing the best musical talent on offer.

Featured Artist – Butterflies On Strings

Butterflies On Strings are part of a growing movement embracing a do-it-yourself ethos which for decades has been synonymous with the punk scene. The Kaleidoscope Label is the brainchild of Butterflies On Strings which came about in a bid to preserve all that they have revered from the DIY sensibilities of the punk scene by applying it cross-genre, as the likes of Saddle Creek and Sub Pop Records have done for years in the United States.

Featured Artist – Adian Coker

22-year-old Adian Coker, born and raised in Woolwich South London, made a sizeable impression on the underground scene in UK Hip-Hop with his debut mixtape, The Colour Of Magic, released in October 2010.

Featured Artist – Holly Walker

Holly Walker is a piano-bashing songstress from London who writes punchy, knowing tunes that provoke both sobbing and raving simultaneously. Classically informed piano and razor sharp vocals collide with scatty, homemade beats and whatever gritty sounds she can crank out of her laptop. Holly is this week's PRS for Music Featured Artist.

The Great Escape 2011: Featured Artist

This week there are three - count them! - PRS for Music Featured Artists. Dinosaur Pile Up, Bones and Hind Ear are all performing at the PRS for Music Showcase at The Great Escape. The event takes place at Jam, 9 - 12 Middle Street Brighton BN1 1AL on 13 May.

Featured Artist – The Sound of Pop Art

The Sound of Pop Art is this week's PRS for Music Featured Artist. Featuring the Class "A" Vocals of Mr Tony Jenkins Esq and the true beatnik pop inspired songwriting skills of Mr Chris Free, The Sound Of Pop Art's self-titled album was released last year to rave reviews.

Featured Artist – James Mathé

James Mathé started out as keyboard player in the band Boedekka and was signed to Boy George’s record label Things To Come. Whilst touring Spain he discovered Sufjan Stevens’ Seven Swans, taught himself to fingerpick on the guitar and began an acoustic solo project called Barbarossa.

Featured Artist – Smith & Royal

Smith & Royal is a sound like no other and is the unmissable act set to smash into the big time in 2011. Boiling with ideas, energy and passion and taking the best pop, roots, swing & dance, Smith & Royal is feel good pop music that will make you dance.…

Featured Artist – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Dip a toe or two into Fruit - The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s debut album, and your mind will conjure up images of downtown Memphis in Outer Space, with a singing siren floating past in a levitating rolltop bath.