New Music

Featured Artist – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Dip a toe or two into Fruit - The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s debut album, and your mind will conjure up images of downtown Memphis in Outer Space, with a singing siren floating past in a levitating rolltop bath.

Featured Artist – Low Duo

Low Duo are two brothers from Sheffield writing darkly emotive minimalist guitar pop music. With a strict rule on composition, every song is written and recorded with only two layers - one voice and one musical instrument. Low Duo are this week's PRS for Music MySpace Featured Artist.

Featured Artist – Emma Spence

Each week PRS for Music feature an artist or band on their MySpace page. This week's featured artist is singer-songwriter Emma Spence.

Featured Artist – A Genuine Freakshow

A Genuine Freakshow are this week's PRS for Music MySpace Featured Artist. Each week a artist or band are promoted on PRS for Music's MySpace page - highlighting the talent and diversity of its membership.

Featured Artist – Toodar

PRS for Music is proud to present MySpace Featured Artist. This feature on the PRS for Music MySpace page promotes our new members to a wider audience and demonstrates the talent of our membership. Marked as one’s to watch, these members now bear the Featured Artist emblem on their own MySpace pages.

PRS for Music Playlist

This PRS for Music Playlist is slightly different from our previous ones, as we have got in ShotByBothSides's Aidan Robinson as a guest contributor.

Featured Artist – Kids Love Lies

Kids Love Lies are a London-based pop punk band, comprising of singer Ellen Murphy, guitarists Leigh Harrison and Matty Saywell, Claudia Mansaray on bass and drummer Raf Singer.

PRS for Music Glastonbury playlist

Once again, Glastonbury Festival is upon us. With megastars sharing the billing with the latest and hottest new talents, Glastonbury is at the forefront of the growing live music scene in the UK. PRS for Music will be there to meet and greet our members, and this year we will have our own backstage HQ, ‘BassCamp’, behind the John Peel stage.