New Music

Featured artist: Mabel

The daughter of Neneh Cherry and Massive Attack producer Cameron McVey is blazing her own trail with her intoxicating R'n'B infused pop sound.

30 seconds interview: Sephine Llo

Sephine Llo's debut LP I, Your Moon, is a deeply moving tribute to a young life cut short and a new life beginning, reflected through the otherworldly incantations of an artist in her stride.

Featured artist: AK/DK

Party-starting Brightonian synth-smiths AK/DK sound like Devo on medication for acute attention deficit disorder – and it’s pure genius! Get involved when they hit the road this week...

30 seconds interview: Black Moth

If you like getting your rocks off to the nihilistic riffs of dirty garage-rock, then London/Leeds five-piece Black Moth should definitely be on your radar. Now back with a new single...

Featured artist: Keto

Self-described as 'a fresh and quintessentially English take on millennial folk', Keto's sound is wrapped in lush orchestration, with swathes of violin and strings arranged around her delicate vocals.

30 seconds interview: The Plan

Fielding eighties no-wave into the playful pop tropes of sixties girl groups, The Plan are mashing up our sonic past through the current prism of Broken Britain - with neat results.

Featured artist: Suzi Wu

Not one to mince her words or muddle her rhymes, Suzi’s urban yarns spill over with the biting legitimacy of early punk. Don't miss her debut brew Teenage Witch...

Featured artist: Superorganism

Weird, wonky and totally off-kilter, Superorganism are a mysterious eight-piece international collective who make addictive kaleidoscopic pop.

30 seconds interview: Dead Naked Hippies

Post-punk trio Dead Naked Hippies are the latest exciting promise to burst out of the Leeds scene, wowing critics with their ‘gritty but pretty’ sound. We catch up with drummer Jacob to find out more...