New Music

Featured Composer: Alex Woolf

The award-winning composer has gone from strength to strength since winning BBC Young Composer of the Year in 2012, becoming one of the UK's freshest new voices.

30 seconds interview: Tom Walker

With over 75 million streams of his music and a sold-out UK and European tour underway, Mancunian vocal powerhouse Tom Walker is set to dominate 2018. Get to know him here...

Featured artist: Great Silkie

Trading in primitive rock 'n' roll for dreamy, shimmering sonics, the former The Voyeurs guitarist decamped to the English countryside to create his wistful, folk-tinged sound.

30 seconds interview: Blue Lab Beats

The duo are part of London's booming contemporary jazz scene, throwing grime, hip hop, neo-soul and Carribean into their melting pot of influences. We catch up ahead of SXSW...

Featured artist: The Fish Police

Surreal, genre-bending and laced with funk guitar lines, glitchy synths and drum machine beats, The Fish Police make infectious neurodiverse sounds.

30 seconds interview: The RPMs

The RPMs are back with Your Ghost – a soaring indie tune that has 'festival hit' written all over it. We get to know them ahead of their debut SXSW gigs...

Featured artist: Big Zuu

Against a backdrop of major label signings and widespread industry props, grime emcee Big Zuu is keeping things true with his lyrical gravity and unswerving flow. Get to know him here...

30 seconds interview: Elle Mary & The Bad Men

Folk-noir ensemble Elle Mary & The Bad Men release their debut album Constant Unfailing Night on March 9. Here, Elle Mary discussions musical inspiration and her favourite places to play live...

Featured artist: Ferris & Sylvester

Ferris & Sylvester bring folk music into the 21st century with their up-beat arrangements and thoughtful lyrics detailing life in South London on new EP, Made In Streatham.

30 seconds interview: Table Scraps

Table Scraps unleash their howling garage rock on the world this Friday in the form of the ace new LP Autonomy. Here, Scott Vincent Abbott talks favourite venues and first guitars...