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Featured Artist: Bernadette Ryan

As ambitious as young writer/artists go, 21yr old Bernadette Ryan is certainly setting her bar high with dreams of platinum records and international hits.

30 seconds with… Florence Joelle

Paris-born, London-based singer/songwriter Florence Joelle describes her music as a blend of blues with gypsy jazz, and one of her songs is set to be used in an upcoming film, Gypsyland. She spends 30 seconds chatting to M

Just Joined

Here's our quarterly round-up of members who have recently joined PRS for Music.

Featured Artist – Brother & Bones

Thriving on a shared inspiration, and driven solely by the love of their art, Brother & Bones is the common ground between a body of musicians, artists, photographers and film-makers.

30 seconds with…Tape the Radio

Tape the Radio are Malcolm Carson (vocals and guitar), Ben Caruso (bass) and Bryan Mclellan (drums). They've been compared to bands like the Stereophonics and the Manic Street Preachers. When he's not touring Europe with the band, Ben Caruso works at PRS for Music. He tells Chinwe Ojielo more

Featured Artist – Chris Ford

Chris made his live debut in New York after interviewing John Cale of the Velvet Underground for a French radio station. Armed with John's encouragement and the reaction to his songs, Chris never looked back.