The Great Escape 2011

PRS for Music is proud to be hosting the opening day of The Great Escape 2011 on Thursday 12th May.

Almost Famous Showcase

PRS for Music and Club Fandango present ‘Almost Famous’ on Thursday 3rd March, a night showcasing the best new acts in the music industry.

PRS for Music Aftershow Club

or the seventh year Belfast Nashville will bring Belfast alive with the sound of 150 artists performing at 44 venues. Songwriters from all over the world will gather at the songwriting festival and PRS for Music is proud to sponsor the event. At the festival PRS for Music will host an after-show club showcasing local songwriters at the Madison Hotel.

Broadcast Awards 2011

On February 2nd 2011, 1200 of television's most influential individuals will attend The Broadcast Awards.

Brighton Music Awards

The Brighton Music Awards (BMA) is a ‘not for profit’ initiative  created specifically to recognise and celebrate young emerging talent from across the Brighton region and supporting Teenage Cancer Trust.  PRS for Music are proud to sponsor the Best Song Award.…

PRS for Music Showcase at SongFest

PRS for Music presents our SongFest Showcase, a night showcasing the best new acts in the music industry. Line-up: Ollie Wride, A Genuine Freakshow and Lou Brown.