Almost Famous

Almost Famous returned to London on October 8 at a new venue, The Bull & Gate in Kentish Town, which recently celebrated 30 years of putting on live music. With the Flowerpot and the Abbey down the road and the Forum next door Kentish Town is back as a destination for live music.


From the page to the stage, Songfest is the event to help young talent carve out a career in music.

Meet the Panellists for SongFest Panel 3

Tales from the Transit A worldwide stadium tour is something that many a musician dream of.  However, when you’re in a cramped transit van that smells like left over hamburgers and the drummer’s feet, tours can seem like just too much effort for little return.  …

Geoffrey Burgon

Geoffrey Burgon, the Classical, TV and film music composer has died aged 69.

Tito Burns

Tito Burns, the renowned agent, accordionist and bandleader died from cancer on August 23, 2010, aged 89.

School of Rock

Join us to hear the most sought-after music supervisor in the industry talk about the eclectic range of films on which he has worked.