Karen Buse on PRS for Music and China

Our approach to China is based on the fact that it’s a huge emerging market where copyright is relatively undeveloped, hence the need for a long-term view whilst helping to lay down strong foundations for future growth.

Peter Jenner on new developments in China

I’ve been to China quite a few times over the last 10 years, and I always live in hope which has so far not been justified. So beware of my optimism, I have proclaimed and rejoiced at several false dawns. But something is going on at the moment.

Pianos on the streets

For three weeks between June 22 – July 10, 21 brightly decorated pianos have been placed throughout the ‘square mile’ of London to help celebrate the City of London Festival.

Musexpo Europe

For the third year running, PRS for Music are sponsoring Musexpo Europe.

PRS issues free licences for World Cup

PRS for Music has announced that workplaces who are introducing TVs and radios to let staff watch the World Cup will qualify for a free PRS licence through a trial scheme.