In session: Cicero Buck

Cicero Buck are singer songwriters Kris and Joe Hughes. Watch the duo perform an acoustic version of No More I Love You, a song written by Joe and made famous by Annie Lennox…

In session: Darling BOY, part 2

Darling BOY is the latest incarnation of singer songwriter Alex Gold. He’s already won over the likes of Steve Lamacq and Glen Matlock from the Sex Pistols. Watch him perform Bless Your Bones exclusively for M…

In session: Darling BOY, part 1

Darling BOY is a punk who claims to write songs from the gut which he delivers from the heart. Watch Darling BOY perform an exclusive version of Air Conditioned Gypsy, the title track of his current EP, for M...

In Session: John Bramwell, I am Kloot, Part 3

I am Kloot’s John Bramwell performs M an exclusive version of b-side The Finest Things in our final acoustic session. Hear the band's frontman run through a song they have never played live…

In session: John Bramwell, I Am Kloot, Part 1

John Bramwell is an extremely experienced old hand, and it shows. From his band's first album in 2001 he has teased out poetically lean lyrics, all tightly bound with deft guitar melodies and a trademark low key swagger...

Live Session: Scams

Scams are a Leeds four piece specialising in angular guitar pop - Watch the band blast through live favourite It's War at the Buffalo Bar in Islington in their most recent show in the capital

Live session: Grass House

Grass House combine Americana with darkly poetic lyrics and good old fashioned rock n’ roll swagger. Watch the London based quartet perform current single The Boredom Rose at the Almost Famous showcase.

Live session: Coves

John Rigard and Beck Wood make music that's one part C86 indie, two parts pop. They combine jangly guitars and boy-girl vocals to create the perfect mix for radio. Watch them perform Cast a Shadow at the 229 Club in London.