M meets… Mikill Pane part one

Mikill Pane (pronounced Mike-ill, by the way) is an east London-based rapper who got into making music through a love of wordplay with the English language and poetry slams.

M meets… Daytona Lights

Young upstarts Daytona Lights gatecrashed M towers last week to play us a tune and tell us about how they write their infectious British indie-pop.

M meets… Young Astronaut part two

Young Astronaut were originated by two brothers, Chris and Pete Boakes who developed a suite of songs from their many acoustic guitar sessions together.

M meets… Young Astronaut part one

Young Astronaut are brothers Chris and Pete Boakes, who developed their distinctive acoustic-led sound over years of jamming together at their home near the New Forest, drummer Niko Battistini and bass player Paul Meeson.

M meets… Paul Child Band part two

In part two of M meets... Paul Child Band, we talk to the folk/funk/rock band about bringing together their diverse tastes and influences to create their music and getting their music heard.

M meets… Paul Child Band part one

Paul Child Band might on the surface appear to be a folk/pop ensemble, but their diverse influences actually produce an eclectic fusion of funk, rock, jazz and gypsy folk topped off with Paul's unique vocal stylings.

M meets… Alphabet Backwards

Consisting of James, Josh, Steph, Paul and Bob Tom, the five-piece band's infectious sound is a catchy, hook-laden joyous affair.

M meets… Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

Ursa Minor (Little Bear) are are Little Bear, Yoshee, Alex and Evee, alongside various collaborators. The band create pop music heavily influenced by the golden age of house - artists such as Fingers Inc, Ten City, Inner City and Billy Ray Martin.

M meets… The Cut Outs

The Cut Outs were founded by British born Stevie from Newcastle and Jess from Melbourne in Australia. Having transplanted themselves to London, the pair met - bizarrely - at an audition for Kylie's backing band.