AIM Sync Licensing event – tickets on sale

AIMThe Association of Independent Music (AIM) is holding its annual Sync Licensing to TV, Film, Adverts and Games event on 28 February.

The conference takes place at the Deloitte LLP theatre and will bring music industry professionals and experts from the worlds of TV, adverts, films and video games together to discuss sync trends and hot topics.

Subjects to be discussed include ways to place a track, how labels can improve their chances of gaining more sync licencing opportunities and information on changes to the sync licensing business.

After the debate, the panel will then participate in a listening session, during which 10 tracks submitted by attending labels will be played – the panel will offer advice and suggestions on how they might be used and how to get them synced.

The event will kick off with a keynote presentation from Glee music supervisor, PJ Bloom – PJ will be in conversation with Music Week’s Tom Pakinkis discussing what he looks for when choosing music to use in any show he’s working on.

The panel includes:

Sergio Pimentel (Music Licensing Director, Nimrod Productions – games)
Will Quiney (Music Supervisor, Vamanos Music – film trailers and films – including Kick Ass)
Sophie Urquhart (Music Supervisor, Tin Drum Music – adverts, TV and film)
Nick Angel (Music Supervisor, Working Title Films – Billy Elliot, Hot Fuzz, I Give it A Year)
Alex Hancock (Music Supervisor for TV – Skins, Misfits, Youngers)
David McGinnis (Music & Media Manager, Mute)
Simon Raymonde  (Bella Union) – Chair

All attending labels will be asked to submit a track that will be considered for discussion by the panel.

Networking drinks will take place after the event providing participants with the opportunity to meet the speakers.

Participants are advised to get their tickets now as events from the past two years have both sold out.

Get tickets for the event

The event will take place at the Deloitte LLP theatre – 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ

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