Compose with mentoring from Psappha


Calling all young composers! Psappha are giving 24 emerging artists the chance to develop their careers with support and mentoring from expert instrumentalists.

Throughout 2018-2019, Psappha’s Composing For scheme will offer musicians working within four specific disciplines the opportunity to write, record and film a 5-minute piece of music under the guidance of an expert musician.

Composers can enter through one of four schemes, two solo composition schemes for harp and bassoon, a duo scheme for piano and percussion and a solo scheme for Eastern European folk instrumentation.

Those interested will select a scheme based on their interest and proficiency in the chosen instrument within that scheme. They will then compose their piece under the guidance of the scheme’s expert.

The musicians providing support throughout the programme are: experienced harpist Lauren Scott, bassoonist Ben Hudson, clarinetist Dov Goldberg and pianist & percussionist Benjamin Powell and Tim Williams.

Beginning in September 2018, the composers will receive three sessions of support from Psappha and the expert musicians in their chose field of composition.

The sessions will be aimed at developing concepts and establishing feedback for the composition submitted, leading to the final recording and filming session in Manchester.

Works created throughout the scheme will also be considered for future Psappha performances.

The development opportunity is available to any UK music creator who has completed their first degree or equivalent qualification or has left education in the last five years and is still at an early stage of their career.

For full details and instructions for how to apply, visit the Psappha website.