How to hack a music venue for deaf and disabled audiences

Attitude is Everything - DIY Access Guide

Attitude is Everything (AIE) has published a new DIY guide for bands and promoters, showing cheap and easy ways to make gigs more accessible for deaf and disabled fans.

DIY Access Guide will be launched today (Friday) at Manchester’s Off The Record conference, with a panel discussion titled ‘Break Down Barriers, We Will Come’.

Music blogger Hannah McKearnen, who is appearing on the panel, said: ‘Most places don’t intentionally shut us out. They just need the right tools and knowledge.

‘It’s so important for bands and promoters to be aware of the access barriers that their fans face so they can work with venues to solve them.’

The guide presents a series of cheap and simple hacks to make gigs and shows more inclusive, with practical advice such as using an overhead projector to provide captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, or creating a simple viewing platform for wheelchair users.

It also offers advice to bands, including what information to include on online event pages, how to make an accessible flyer, and what you can do if your gig is in an inaccessible venue.

AIE’s CEO Suzanne Bull said: ‘Nobody should cut off from their local music scene – whether that’s the millions of disabled people who want to attend gigs and shows, or deaf and disabled artists who are looking to perform.

‘By following our simple advice, promoters and artists can help make live music so much more accessible, and attract a whole new audience into the bargain.’

AIE is the UK’s leading authority on live music accessibility for deaf and disabled people, and works in partnership with venues, audiences, artists and the music industry to improves accessibility to live music.

Download the free guide here.