Learn how to get your music into videogames

prs for music explores

An upcoming PRS for Music Explores event will investigate the opportunities and challenges for songwriters and publishers in the burgeoning gaming world.

The session will bring together experts from the music and gaming industries to investigate the challenges creators face in getting their music licensed into games.

It will also delve into the options available to developers to find the right soundtrack, consider how the gaming industry is evolving and weigh the opportunities this may bring.

Panellists confirmed so far include Miles Jacobson (Sports Interactive), Andy Payne (Appy Nation and UKIE trade body board member), composer John Broomhall and Alistair Lindsay (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe). More will be announced over the coming weeks.

The event is free to attend and will feature two panel sessions plus networking.

It takes place on 20 July from 4.30pm to 8pm at PRS for Music headquarters, Kings Cross, London.

To apply for your free ticket, please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/prs-for-music-explores-gaming-music-m-magazine-tickets-26348637484

The computer games industry is now a major player in the global entertainment sector, yet many songwriters and composers still overlook the opportunities it can bring them.

The British gaming trade body UKIE recently said it expects global gaming revenues rise to from $91.8bn in 2015 to $118.6bn by 2019. By comparison, the global music industry in 2014 was sized at $15bn by IFPI.

This event is part of PRS for Music Explores, a series of seminars created to facilitate thought and debate around industry changes.

The last edition was held in April and centred round blockchain, the disruptive technology garnering its fair share of column inches in 2016.

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