Learn all about syncs with MusicTank’s new eBook

Unlocking The Sync: A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands

Calling all independent music makers and corporate music users: now’s your chance to learn everything there is to know about music syncs with MusicTank’s free eBook, Unlocking the Sync.

The music industry information hub has partnered up with award-winning music consultancy, Record-Play to produce the definitive guide on music synchronisation and brands.

Written from the perspective of both musicians and marketers, the essential guide features contributions from artists, publishers, record labels, music supervisors, brand managers and more, offering a unique insight into both sides of licensing deals.

Interviewees include Sergio Pimentel (Ninja Tune), music supervisors Thomas Golubic (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad) and Andrea Madden (Made in Chelsea), artist and producer FEMME, Arun Sethi and Joanna Gregory (Cavendish Music), Emma Lomas (Beggars Group) and Alex Lavery (Pitch & Sync).

Written by Kier Wiater Carnihan of Record-Play and music industry journalist Eamonn Forde, you’ll be able to find out what makes a successful, authentic brand-artist partnership and learn the best practices for approaching sync.

Wiater Carnihan said: ‘Over the last fifteen years or so, Record-Play has worked on thousands of music syncs and artist endorsements, from huge global campaigns to hyper-localised activations.

‘However, despite the impact such deals can have on artists’ careers, we’re always surprised by how little many musicians know about their rights and what little guidance is around to help them navigate the sometimes murky world of brand engagement.

‘With Unlocking The Sync, we hope to illuminate that world and help educate musicians so that every decision they make is one that aligns with their own values and ambitions.’

MusicTank programme director, Jonathan Robinson added: ‘With traditional core revenue streams in continued sharp decline, musicians and rightsholders are necessarily having to look to other sources of revenue to sustain their careers and businesses.

‘Synchronisation and brand engagement are increasingly seen as an essential part of artist and label core strategy, and as such, this guide fills a gap in the armory of the independent music maker whose focus is necessarily considerably wider than simply “putting some music out there”’.

Download Unlocking The Sync: A band’s guide to brands, and a brand’s guide to bands via the MusicTank website here.