Liz Green part one

Liz GreenUnique songwriter and vocalist Liz Green’s debut album O Devotion! is released today. M caught up with Liz during the summer for an interview and two stunning performances.

Although she grew up in the North West of England, there’s a lot about Liz Green that makes a listener think of the American deep south or a windblown mid-western prairie.

Green’s otherworldly voice is the kind you may have heard on a crackly 78rpm record and her sound is at once saturated in hillbilly, blues, country, early jazz and gospel, yet couldn’t be categorised as any of those genres. Paradoxically, there’s also something deeply English about the dark tales that Green spins.

Shy, yet refreshingly honest and unaffected, Green talked to M about her music and wowed us with an acoustic performance.

Watch Liz Green perform an exclusive version of Displacement Song and M‘s interview with the artist.

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