Make It Happen 2 – your music and the net

Speaking at the Make It Happen panel at the Great Escape, Topspin Media Chief Executive Ian Rogers  offered some key tips for upcoming artists on how best to leverage the internet to get themselves heard.

–          Don’t get overwhelmed by all the online communication options – leverage them to reach out to fans

–          Use direct-to-fan platforms to put your music out there, and communicate using FaceBook, Twitter, email, mobile

–          Aim to ‘do one big thing a month and one small thing a month’ on the internet – whether that is uploading video content, communicating with fans,  posting
new music…

–          Don’t try to sell your music until you have the email addresses of at least 2,500 people who care about your music. In the early days you need fans not dollars.

–          Offer a token of value, such as a free track, in exchange for email addresses

–          If you connect with fans and give them reason to buy, they will

Ian Rogers presides over the direct-to-fan marketing platform at Topspin Media

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