New survey assesses impact of digital era on music-makers

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A new national survey of music-makers will look into the way creatives make decisions about their work, life and careers in the digital age.

The Have You Made A Music Related Decision Recently? survey has been developed by researchers at the University of Liverpool to assess collective trends and themes surrounding how music-makers think about what they do.

The data generated from artists, songwriters, composers and producers across the UK will help provide a fresh insight into the ways 21st century music-makers think about creating, managing, promoting and making money from the projects they’re involved in.

So, if you’ve recently made a music-related decision and you don’t yet know how it will turn out, take 10 minutes to complete the survey. Participants will have the chance to win £500 to spend on equipment from Rimmers Music.

The survey is part of the PhD research of University of Liverpool music industry lecturer Mathew Flynn.

Having spent most of his career working with or teaching musicians, his thesis explores how musicians deal with the everyday challenges of making music and keeping projects going in a seemingly increasingly complex music environment.

Flynn told M: ‘Digitisation has certainly changed how music-makers think about creating, recording and releasing their music, and I think we’re just at the beginning of understating the implications of the cultural and economic shifts that have followed this massive technological one.

‘With this survey, I want to capture a decision that the music-maker doesn’t yet know the outcome to. I’m interested to learn how they think about risk, their reputation and the part luck plays in the day-to-day decisions they make.’

The survey runs until 7 December and is anonymous unless you choose to submit your email to enter the prize draw to win Rimmers Music vouchers.