Nordoff Robbins announce Social Value of Music Conference

The UK’s largest music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins will run a two-day conference in December designed to share best practice and research on the social value of music.

The event will bring together policymakers, researchers, music practitioners and music industry experts to explore the social value of music with the existing evidence base alongside experiences and perspectives.

The conference will feature keynote speakers Professor Norma Daykin from the institute of New Social Research at the University of Tampere in Finland, whose expertise lie in arts, health and wellbeing, and UK Music’s chief executive Michael Dugher.

Delegates will be invited to collaborate, discuss and investigate the effect, impact and power of music, plus explore its benefits to education, health and community.

The Social Value of Music Conference is set to include talks, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

The event will benefit socially engaged music practitioners (music therapists, community musicians), policymakers, researchers, service providers and funding bodies within the fields of social care, social change and health and wellbeing.

Nordoff Robbins hopes that the conference will act as a launchpad for collaboration and research into the social value of music.

The charity is also inviting academic researchers, policymakers, industry experts and music practitioners to submit papers on the following topics:

Measuring the social value of music

Demonstrating the value of music to society

The social value of music therapy

The social and cultural links between different music professions

The role of education in developing the social value of music

Wellbeing and social value in music

The Social Value of Music Conference takes place Monday 2 to 3 December 2019 at The Greenwood Centre, Kentish Town.

For more information and to register you place at the conference, please visit