Put on a gig with help from Fightback: Grassroots Promoter

Live music - gig

Music Venue Trust (MVT) and MusicPlanet Live (MPL) have announced that following the successful launch of Fightback: Grassroots Promoter for young female promoters, there is now a second opportunity aimed at anyone who wants to learn the skills to become an independent promoter.

Stage two of the programme offers an additional £100,000 for a further 100 fundraising shows at grassroots music venues, promoted by new promoters or those who want to try and develop their promoting skills.

Beverley Whitrick of MVT said: ‘We were overwhelmed with the fantastic feedback and responses to our initial Fightback Grassroots Promoter announcement, and it clearly demonstrated that there is a huge interest in promoting and in supporting grassroots music venues.

‘This new initiative is open to everyone who would like to get involved. Bring us great ideas, and we will get you the support you need to make them a reality.’

Successful applicants will receive a gig-in-a-box kit, containing ‘everything you need to know about how to book, manage and promote a show.’

MVT will match successful applicants with expert mentors, experienced in hosting successful events. The promoters will also be part of a national campaign with their own local event.

To apply to Fightback: Grassroots Promoter, create an account at www.musicplanetlive.com and then email Music Venue Trust at info@musicvenuetrust.com to receive full details on how to bring your show together.