Remix the PRES archive to win €2000

The Quietus have partnered with Poland’s Adam Mickiewicz Institute for a competition offering a cash prize for compositions that make use of samples from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio (PRES).

The compositions must be between 180 and 360 seconds long and must make prominent use of the PRES sample pack.

The deadline for the competition is 31 August after which the compositions will be judged by a five-member panel from The Quietus and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

The judges will consider the originality of the work’s concept and sound, the relation between the work and aesthetics and history of PRES and the professionalism of the music production.

Michal Mendyk, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, says: ‘We believe that the work of composers and sound engineers from the Polish Radio Experimental Studio has much more to do with the attitude of contemporary ‘electronica’ artists than with typical experimental music composers. Actually, we think that some of the work done in PRES could be considered as a pioneering work in contemporary sound production and the sound design field.

‘That’s why we decided to create a samples library with Ableton – to show how attractive pure sound material from PRES could be for contemporary artists. The next step was commissioning new works from such artists as Mouse on Mars or Zamilska and organising an open competition. The Quietus seemed a perfect medium for this purpose – juxtaposing very different music and art genres, and presenting profound insight even in popular cultural formats.’

PRES is an experimental music studio where electronic and utility music were recorded.

It was established in 1957 and was open until 2004, during which time influential composers like Krzysztof Penderecki, Elzbieta Sikora, Wlodzimierz Kotonski, and Bohdan Mazurek recorded there.

For more information about how to enter and to download the archive samples, please visit

Also, head to The Quietus to listen to three compositions that have already been submitted and get a taste of the competition so far.