Sync review: Faber Music & Citizens!

Citizens! band

For our latest Sync Review we talk to Faber Music’s Andrew Allday to get the lowdown on the Citizens! track that advertisers can’t seem to get enough of…

Who? Faber Music
What? True Romance by Citizens! Written by Matthew Swinnerton, Tom Burke, Lawrence Diamond and Mike Evans.
Where? Ten different placements and counting…

How many placements have you made so far?
True Romance has had, off the top of my head, 10 syncs now. It’s soundtracked everything from Chanel and O2 adverts and had placements in MTV’s Teen Wolf and French film Jeune & Jolie.

What has been the most high profile placement?
That would probably have to be an advert for Grazia magazine in France which ran across TV, radio and online for six months earlier this year.

How did all these placements come about?
A combination of luck and good relationships! The track is co-published by Warner Chappell in France so it’s handy for a publisher of our size, without the highest profile in the sync world, to know they’re on side. There’s a lot of luck involved in sync and making sure the right piece of music finds the right ears at the right time is key. Keeping potential users aware of our catalogue and working closely with music supervisors is essential.

Were there any challenges to completing the deal?
Not really, a bit of to-ing and fro-ing over a fee maybe!

What is it about the track that makes it so attractive to sync?
True Romance has a good energy, strong melody and cuts well to picture. And there are a couple of different versions which give handy alternatives.

How has the track helped Faber Music in the sync market?
Hopefully it’s helped to raise people’s awareness of us. Faber Music, at present, doesn’t have a particularly high profile in the world of sync, particularly on the rock and pop side. We’re traditionally known as a classical music publisher but in recent times, especially in the last year, we’ve been exploring new avenues and developing a more contemporary roster with artists such as Goldheart Assembly, Winter Mountain and I Am The Cosmos. Sync successes like True Romance can open doors and help us to make people of aware of the music and services we can offer.

How has the track helped the band?
I can’t speak for the band but I think it’s given Matthew Swinnerton, as co-writer, encouragement to know that his songs have commercial potential away from more traditional sales routes. Matthew’s a great songwriter and knows the industry well from his time in The Rakes so it’s great that writers and musicians such as him can explore other avenues and have continued success.

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