UK music-makers urged to share their experiences

Are you a songwriter, composer, artist or musician? Take a moment to complete the Music Creator’s Survey to help UK Music best protect your interests.

The trade body, whose members include PRS for Music and Music Publishers Association, is calling on all UK-based music-makers to take part, so it can accurately gauge the current health of the industry.

It will use the important insight it gathers to analyse trends and document day-to-day conditions within the music business, and produce the 2019 edition of its Measuring Music report.

The results will also help form the basis of ongoing lobbying with the UK government and beyond.

Take part in the survey before it closes on 7 June 2019.

Last year’s edition of Measuring Music, which was published in November 2018, found that the UK music industry contributed a record £4.5bn to the economy in 2017 – up two percent from 2016.

It also showed that the music industry continued to grow across almost every sector, up by £100m on 2016. Learn more about the findings here.