Writer producer fund offers £10k grants

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Are you a UK-based writer-producer looking to get support for your next project? Apply to PRS Foundation’s Writer Producer Fund for your chance to receive financial help and career guidance.

Provided by the PRS Foundation in association with BASCA Trust, this fund is offering grants of up to £10,000 to support songwriters and writer-producers working within popular music to develop their careers.

Songwriters are encouraged to apply for funding if they are interested in furthering their career in music, as funding can be used to support anything from marketing costs, training and PR initiatives to recording and production fees, purchase of equipment and time to create.

UK-based PRS for Music members who are earn money through live music but are seeking to develop careers as songwriters are also encouraged to apply for funding.

Carla Marie Williams, who has co-written for artists including Beyoncé, Craig David and Kylie Minogue, said: ‘As a professional songwriter of 10 years, I can seriously say the Writer Producer Fund will most definitely be a crucial new resource for songwriters wanting to invest in themselves and create new opportunities for their careers, whilst maintaining momentum.’

To be eligible for the award however, applicants must have already released three  ‘commercially exploited’ works, meaning their music must be released on commercial channels or have received media coverage and radio play.

Want to apply? For more information on the PRS Foundation’s Writer Producer Fund head to the PRS Foundation website. The application deadline is 29 June, so hurry!