Interview: Riot Ensemble

‘I can only see cross-genre projects and cross-disciplinary work as taking things forward.’ Riot Ensemble discuss their new commission Solstices and the opportunities available in contemporary classical music.

Interview: Shirley Collins

'I've been very touched by the warmth of the audiences... but generally speaking, that was always the case.' Shirley Collins speaks to M-Magazine ahead of her Roundhouse show about performance, the enduring allure of traditional music and a whole lot more...

Interview: Gordon Giltrap

‘In all honesty, I'm still stunned by it all and can't quite believe it,’ says Gordon Giltrap of his recent appointment as an MBE. Here, the guitarist and composer reflects on his career and achievements.

Interview: Sybil Bell, Independent Venue Week

'Nobody would be playing festivals or arenas without the work that goes in to these new bands' - IVW founder, Sybil Bell, chats to us about the importance of grassroots venues ahead of this year's event...

Interview: White Lies

‘There are songs on this album which I would never have dreamed would be possible for us to write 10 years ago': White Lies on a decade in the game and what's in store for the new LP...

Interview: Justine Barker

‘There is a lot of creative freedom in writing library music.' We chat to composer and multi-instrumentalist Justine Barker about the processes and creative rewards of working within the genre.

Interview: Liam Naughton, Invisible Wind Factory

'Ask anyone with a great music programme in their venue and they will tell you it's definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme. We do it for the love of it' - Liam Naughton on how IWF is overcoming venue challenges...

Playlist: Just Joined Winter 2018

Get to know some of the ace music-makers who have just joined PRS for Music, including classical ace Blasio Kavuma, Scottish shoegazers Yakima and Polish techno producer Zamilska...