Chantelle Fiddy’s UK hip-hop playlist

Chantelle Fiddy is a music journalist, columnist and event promoter, who has written for the likes of RWD, Mixmag and Dazed and Confused. She is well known as a commentator on London’s grime scene and as a social activist as the former editor of Ctrl.Alt.Shift.

In the latest issue of M magazine, she explains how UK hip-hop has mushroomed over the past decade to become a thriving industry, and she sheds light on some of the scene’s leading players and ones to watch going into 2013.

‘The British hip-hop scene isn’t what it once was, that’s for sure,’ she writes. ‘There used to be a time when Tim Westwood’s show was 90 percent US hip-hop. Not any more…’

We’ll be publishing the full article online soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

In the meantime, Chantelle has curated a special UK hip-hop playlist for us. You can listen to the likes of Elro, Mikill Pane, JME and Princess Nyah to get an audio snapshot of the current scene. Go on, dig in…

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