Cheesecake for drummers

During the 40s and 50s, people yearned for photos of their favourite film stars and the Hollywood studios duly supplied millions of  these “pinups”, affectionately known as Cheesecake.

Now in 2010 photographer and drummer David Phillips has tapped into the same demand, albeit for a much more specialist market, with his lavish book of photographs called A Drummers Perspective.  Containing over 150 high quality colour photographs of drummers and their kits, he has  produced a book of drumming “pin-ups”.

Enjoying unique access to many different stage areas, David has captured the view of auditoriums and audiences that is special to a drummer. His pictures have also managed to convey the speed and movement of drummers at work – being as he describes them – the driving force of the band.

Musically, many of the drummers included are playing what could loosely be termed “stadium rock”  so lots of images have “attitude” with plenty  over the top gestures! However there are also well-observed shots of “clinicians” like Tony Royster Jnr and Brit drum hero Steve White plus several of that still relatively rare musician, the professional female drummer.

Whilst obviously appealing to the drummer community, this is a book that gives anyone passionate about bands and rock music a special take on the ‘view from the back of the stage’.  And it’s good value at £29.99 RRP – little more than the price of three pairs of drumsticks!

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