Interview: Lazarus Kane

‘It’s like watching a young Jamie Oliver during the Naked Chef era, making a lamb curry out of nothing but a cardboard box and a bank holiday’: says Lazarus Kane of his label mates.

The British-based artist is the latest in an impressive line of acts signed to Dan Carey’s Speedy Wunderground, including black midi, Squid and Black Country New Road.

Larazus announced his enigmatic presence in though the dark disco stomp of debut single Narcissus.

Possessing a rare confidence and a knack for wonderfully seedy and infectious tunes, he is set bring his unique sound to The Great Escape’s FIRST FIFTY at Colours before he plays the festival next year.

We caught up with Lazarus ahead of the show to find out more about what makes him tick…

How did you start out making music?

Like many of my fellow country people, in the house of god. Singing hymns up to the high heavens. Too busy praising to be blazing.

Who or what are your primary influences?

The children of the world, good slacks and the selected works of Jilly cooper.

What’s the thinking behind your track Narcissus?

I was talking to my friend Slash a while back. We were reminiscing the eighties fondly, thinking about the good times. We just shooting the breeze about how different these times are, musing on the Twitter sphere or whatever the hell people call it. Self-obsession is very much back in. It’s an interesting time.

It’s been released via Speedy Wunderground – how did your relationship with the label come about?

I faxed through the lyrics of Narcissus to Mr. Carey. Yeah, that’s right, just the lyrics, no music. It was a bold move, but I think it paid off.

Are you a fan of the other bands on their roster?

Certainly, I’m constantly blown away by the level of experimentation. It’s like watching a young Jamie Oliver during the Naked Chef era, making a lamb curry out of nothing but a cardboard box and a bank holiday. I dunno about those Squid boys though, perfectly nice guys, but I dunno I truly trust them, yet.

What’s your take on the UK’s music scene?

Someone in Margate heckled me and told me to get a job before telling me he didn’t like my attitude. Nuff said.

What do you have on repeat currently?

A prescription for hair loss.

You’re play The Great Escape’s FIRST FIFTY and the full festival next year; what are you most looking forward to about the shows?

Seeing if my rider requirements are fully met. They better be, or there will be trouble.

And what can we expect from your shows?

Confusion, arousal and lingering disappointment. In that order.

What’s next for you?

Who knows, only time can tell. I ride the wave of life like a bobbing mallard on the estuary. Remember, time ticks away my friends, the hourglass will not stop, and you cannot stop it. Free yourself and buy that hot tub.

Narcissus is out now via Speedy Wunderground.

For more information about FIRST FIFTY, please visit

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