Interview: Blaine Harrison, Mystery Jets

blaine harrison mystery jets

‘Our relationship to music is changing… and our relationship with songs is becoming more important than ever,’ says Mystery Jets songwriter and vocalist Blaine Harrison.

He’s chatting about the changing ways audiences connect with music and the insight he’s gleaned into British songwriting as an Ivor Novello Awards judge for this year’s ceremony.

Himself an Ivor Novello Award nominee, Blaine has been pushing the boundaries of indie-rock since the Mystery Jets’ debut LP Making Dens landed in 2006.

Now six glorious albums deep, the four-piece have explored the outer reaches of prog, pop and rock for their studio-rich sound.

With each release, they’ve ripped up their previous formula and explored new ways to make their sound as immersive as possible, including flirting with virtual reality for their 2016 long player Curve of the Earth.

Here, Blaine givez us the inside track on being a judge at The Ivors, while he and his songwriting partner/dad Henry share their top tips for surviving and thriving in the music business…