Interview: Goldie

goldie music

‘We have a political regime at hand, and whenever that happens, great songs come out,’ says DJ, drum ‘n’ bass legend and graffiti artist Goldie.

‘It’s going to get worse before it gets better,’ he adds, explaining that hardship and angst fuels leftfield creativity and adds grist to the songwriting mill.

Goldie should know, he’s been helping put the British underground firmly at the forefront of global music culture since the early nineties.

Dropping his first album, Timeless, in 1995, instantly catapulted him, and his scene, to the international big time, and has helped him build a lasting career.

Talking to us on the red carpet of the Ivor Novello Awards 2017, he explains why political unrest and global turmoil can help fuel the new breed of innovators and why songwriters bring ‘soul’ to the music industry…

Goldie’s new album, The Journey Man, is out on 16 June.